Zhangzhou Folk Culutre
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    Cock Fighting 

    Famous for their strong, aggressive and skilful fighting tactics, the Zhangzhou fighting cocks have been listed as one of the four major types of fighting rooster in China. They have repeatedly established the reputation of being “unbeatable” in the competitions held in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Southeast Asian Countries. In recent years, the development of the cock fighting industry has been promoted in Zhangzhou Municipality and a cock fighting society has been established in local area. The society has organized activities of “cock king competition” and Zhangzhou cock fighting culture fair, established a website of Zhangzhou cock fighting and Zhangzhou native fighting cocks farm, which  have attracted attention both at home and abroad.  

    Nanjing Zhuma (Bamboo Horse) Opera  

    Nanjing Zhuma opera originated in Mazhen of Tang Dynisty, became popular in Song Dynasty and reached its peak in Qing Dynasty. Zhuma (bamboo horse) is also called Mayi (horse art), madeng (horse lamp), zhumadeng (bamboo horse lamp), using a bamboo horse as the prop. The bamboo horses are made from bamboo skins for the framework, which are glued with red, black, blue and white paper to form the horse shape. When the performance is presented, the front part of the horse is hung in front of the actor’s belly while the rear part of the horse is arranged on the waist of the actor. In this way, the actor looks like riding the horse. The opera is sung with Gezai melody in the local dialect spoken in the southern Fujian.  The dialogue is presented with colloquial doggerel in the performance and displays a strong rural style and deep folk culture. 

    Zhanghzhou Xiang Opera 

    Xiang opera is a major local opera, originally named Gezai opera, also named Zidi Play. Gezi opera was originated in Jinge of Zhangzhou, but developed and formed in Yilan of Taiwan. It is very popular in the Southern Fujian province, including Zhangzhou, Xiamen, and Quanzhou, as well as Yilan of Taiwan and the Southeast countries where many overseas Chinese have migrated.  Xiang Opera is mainly presented in the Southern Fujian dialect by actors and actress, which is vivid, humorous and easy to understand. There are over 500 traditional Xiang opera plays. The representatives include “Lei Wanchun beat Tiger”, “nectornade in Hometown of Overseas Chinese”, “An-an Looking for Mother”. The feature of Xiang opera is that it has more singing than speaking, with strong rhythm, expressive force and folk sentiment.

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