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    Grind rice into mixed starch. Stir the starch until smooth and pour them into an iron disk. Steam it over boiling water in a cauldron until it rolls into a column. Guotiaotong can be dipped with soy sauce, chopped garlic, pepper, sesame oil or other kinds of seasonings. Or you can cut them into strips and put into boiling water for a little while. Then put them into bone broth. Add some chopped scallions and gourmet powder and it’s ready to serve. It can be stir fried too. 

    Ninghua Shaomai

    It is a traditional Hakka snack food in Ninghua. Cook the taros to a frazzle. Peel them and mash them into paste. Add sweet potato powder. And you can make wrappers with them. Make stuffing with such ingredients as chopped scallions, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, diced lean pork and turnip. Wrap the stuffing in the wrapper to create a cone shape. Steam them. Put some sesame oil and soy sauce. Eat it while it’s still hot.  

    Ninghua Sashimi

    Ninghua sashimi is a traditional famous dish in Ninghua. Select a 1.5-2 kilogram grass carp. Remove scale, entrails and bones. Slice it into tiny pieces, sprinkle some sesame oil. Dip it in soy sauce, mustard or pepper to go with. Sashimi is crisp and tastes refreshing. It is a famous dish to go with liquid or wine. 

    Shaxian Heartfelt Bean Curd Balls

    Stir fresh bean curd, eggs, ginger juice, gourmet powder, pepper powder and tapioca powder into paste. Wrap with pork stuffing. Then put them into water and cook over mild and slow fire. When the balls float above the water, scoop them up. Heat the pot, put pork oil, add ginger slices, scallion head and pour appropriate water and finally put the prepared bean curd balls into the pot. Cook over slow fire for 10-15 minutes. Add seasonings and it’s ready to serve. 

    Shaxian Wonton

    Shaxian Wonton features thin wrapper and rich stuffing. Add base in the wrapper and stuffing. The stuffing is made of fresh lean pork of hind legs. Beat the pork with a wooden hammer until it is smashed. Put salted water and stir. Wonton goes with clear soup, gourmet powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, pepper powder, chopped scallions and other seasonings. It tastes refreshing and delicious.  

    Shaxian Rice Noodle with Loach

    Put loaches together with cold water into pot and cook over slow fire. The loaches will be cooked while swimming, so they are soft and slippery. Put rice noodle and seasonings into the loach soup and it is ready to serve.

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