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    Buddha Jumping over the Wall

     "Buddha Jumping over the Wall" is a representative cuisine of Fujian, with more than 30 major ingredients including shark fin, sea cucumber, chicken breast, duck meat, pork tendon, black mushroom, abalone, pigeon egg and etc, as well as other condiments. Those major ingredients will be sealed with paper in a Shao-hsing wine jar full of rice wine, and then the jar will be capped. The stew will be put on strong fire and burned to the boil, and then be kept on the simmer. Besides having the common meat taste, those dozens of major ingredients and condiments also retain their own unique features. A poem says: The appetizing flavor of stew spreads to the neighborhood, and even the Buddha gives up Zen and jumps over the wall for the tasty cuisine."   

    Rice Chip Soup

     Rice Chip Soup is made by spreading rice syrup evenly on the iron pan and shoveling the dried slices into boiled water before adding razor shell, corb shell, clam, black mushroom, shelled shrimp, shallot, lily flower and other flavorings. The hot Rice Chip Soup are white, thin and tasty, while the soup is completely appetizing. It is recommended to eat with oyster pizza and deep-fried twisted dough-strips, which will allow you to have a distinctive taste.     

    Fish Ball 

    The fish ball is a kind of ball-like cuisine made by whipping the minced eel fish meat, shark fish meat or fresh-water fish meat with sweet potato powder (starch) and then mixing the stuffing of minced pork meat or shrimp meat. Being one of famed local flavor snacks, the natives of Fuzhou are so fond of fish balls that there comes a common saying of "fish ball is a must for a feast".      

    Smashed Taro 

    Smashed taro, made of Binlang taro, is a kind of traditional dessert of Fujian. As a must for a feast in the restaurant, it is refined, smooth, refreshing, aromatic and sweet. When the feast comes to an end, the smashed taro is always the "last but best snack" to be served.  

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